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Diversity is in our blood

Michelle Sollicito has arranged many festivals, events and trainings over the years for Diwali, LGBTQ++ and for women (especially women in need).

See here for one of the many groups Michelle runs helping women in need.

See here for more about the Diwali event!

Empowering people and Supercharging Diversity is who we are!

Cloud Out Loud course on Udemy!
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Tags: cloud out loud udemy cloud aws azure gcp multi-cloud training certification

See Michelle Sollicito's Udemy course on Multi-Cloud architectures, Cloud Out Loud!

Perfect for beginners - or those who know one cloud and wish to become multi-cloud experts! 

Learn about:

  • How to determine requirements of your Cloud Architecture

  • General principles of designing Cloud systems, such as de-coupling, redundancy, load balancing etc.

  • Learn about the types of Cloud systems including public, private and hybrid

  • Learn what types of services are provided in the cloud - IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, CAAS, FAAS and more.

  • Learn AWS from 101 to Solution Architect Professional level

  • Learn Google Cloud from 101 to Google Cloud Professional Architect level

  • Learn many aspects of Azure Cloud and how it compares to AWS and Google Cloud

  • Reference architectures for many application types in AWS, Azure and GCP and how to determine the best components in those architectures to meet your requirements

  • Compare components in the different clouds:

    • Database options in AWS vs Azure vs GCP

    • File storage and data lake options in the three clouds compared

    • Network components compared across all three clouds

    • Security issues in the three main clouds (including Zero trust principles)

    • Identity and Access Management, Authentication, Authorization and MFA

  • Big data - how to implement it in the different clouds

    • Data lakes

    • Data pipelines/ETL

    • Data warehousing

  • IOT systems in the different clouds

  • Compliance/Governance issues and how to use Cloud components to make Compliance easy

  • Explore Hybrid/Multi-cloud architecture issues and migrations

  • Learn all about DevOps, CI/CD and DevSecOps - what it is and why you need it for Cloud systems

  • How to get certified in AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

  • Learn about monitoring, testing and security in all three clouds

  • Learn deployment strategies and which meet your needs best

  • Learn principles of testing and how to build testing into your CI/CD pipeline effectively

  • Plus many Tools, tricks, ebooks, links and other sources of information about the cloud

How to get work in Cloud/Software
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: jobs cloud software job search

See Michelle Sollicito's video on How to get work in Cloud/Software

Big Data
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: big data data analytics cloud aws azure gcp google cloud big query data factory

See our newly updated page on Big Data in the Cloud here 

Docker - an Introduction
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: docker

Docker Introduction

An introduction to what Docker is and how you might install it and use it

Intro to Blazor
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: blazor c# .net core

Introduction to Blazor, using .Net Core 3.3 and c# from

Writing your first application in Blazor


Videos (miscellaneous)
Category: iteratit News


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment with  git/bitbucket, Jenkins and Cloud Formation Templates in AWS

Scrum/Agile concepts

Wren Technical Architecture

Wren Demo of Responsive Front End

Sharepoint Presentation at Daugherty

Promo Video for MyIdealDoctor 

Demo of Shopping Cart/Bank Integration for Napa / GPC

Google Analytics for MyIdealDoctor

Agile and Scrum for Developers

Why you should hire a Mom!
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: moms it women computing

Why it is a good idea to hire a woman - especially a mom!

Hire a Mom


Cloud Computing Certification
Category: iteratit News
Tags: cloud computing certifications

So proud to have just passed my Cloud Computing Concepts certification to go with all my others - see

To get this certification I had to know all about all the following concepts:

Network Infrastructure  
Virtual Private Network  
Service Level Agreements  
Decision Making  
Server Virtualization  
Back End  
Front End  
As A Service  
Streaming Media  
Configuration Issues  
Connectivity Issues  
WAN Technologies  
Data Forensics  
Data Fraud  
Key Management
White Paper on Facebook API with C#
Category: iteratit News
Tags: facebook api c# white paper

Here is my White Paper on using the Facebook API with C#

Books and articles Published
Category: iteratit News
Tags: bcp dr business continuity disaster recovery technical architectures

See my book on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery here (note you must download it to see it as google docs cannot handle the formatting)

See my book on Home Theater here


Here is a selection of my publications..

Articles published
Category: iteratit News
Tags: articles technical informit pearson cisco que sams

Here are some of Michelle Sollicito's published articles, published by, Pearson Education, Que and SAMS books, Cisco Press in various books and websites / training courses.

Cisco Press

Microsoft Certifications, other Certifications and Training Certificates
Category: iteratit News
Tags: microsoft certification mcsd mcp certification training

Certifications and Training from 2014-2015


Examples of Work
Category: iteratit News

Here are some samples of my work over the years

Courses for Developers
Category: iteratit News
Tags: C# .Net development programming

Courses for Software Developers that I have written




What the Hell is XML?

Being Social In a Crisis
Category: iteratit News
Tags: facebook social media snowedoutatlanta

Here is the presentation I gave to Governor Deal's office and various Emergency Managers in Georgia, including from FEMA and GEMA

(play slideshow with Audio on to hear me speak)

How to Carry Out a Security Audit
Category: iteratit News

Part one - business aspects of a Security Audit

Part two - technical aspects of a Security Audit


Presentations and Training courses by Michelle Sollicito
Category: iteratit News

Internet Security:



Advanced Internet Security


Content Mgt


Marketing the Internet


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What is your "Ebusiness Pain" currently?

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